Dimensions of Asian Spirituality

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Douglas Berger, general editor

Read: Douglas Berger’s in memoriam tribute to Henry Rosemont, Jr.

This series, founded by renowned Confucian scholar and author Henry Rosemont, Jr. (1934–2017), makes available short but comprehensive works on specific Asian philosophical and religious schools of thought, works focused on a specific region, and works devoted to the full articulation of a concept central to one or more of Asia’s spiritual traditions. Series volumes are written by distinguished scholars in the field who not only present their subject matter in historical context for the nonspecialist reader, but also express their own views of the contemporary spiritual relevance of their subject matter for global citizens of the twenty-first century.

Zen Koans, Steven Heine (December 2014)

Theravada Buddhism: The View of the Elders, Asanga Tilakaratne (September 2012)

Karma, Johannes Bronkhorst (2011)

Sikhism, Doris R. Jakobsh (2011)

Neo-Confucian Self-Cultivation, Barry C. Keenan (2011)

Dharma, Alf Hiltebeitel (2010)

Socially Engaged Buddhism, Sallie B. King (2009)

Korean Spirituality, Don Baker (2008)

Chan Buddhism, Peter D. Hershock (2004)

Shinto: The Way Home, by Thomas P. Kasulis (2004)


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