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NFLRC Monographs

Corpus Linguistics for Korean Language Learning and Teaching, ed. by Robert Bley-Vroman; Hyunsook Ko (2006)

New Technologies and Language Learning: Cases in the Less Commonly Taught Languages, by Carol Anne Spreen (2002)

An Investigation of Second Language Task-Based Performance Assessments, by James Dean Brown; Thom Hudson; John Norris; William Bonk (2002)

A Focus on Language Test Development: Expanding the Language Proficiency Construct across a Variety of Tests, ed. by Thom Hudson; James Dean Brown (2001)

A Communicative Framework for Introductory Japanese Language Curricula, by Washington State Japanese Language Curriculum Guidelines Committee (2000)

Studies on Korean in Community Schools, ed. by Dong Jae Lee; Sookeun Cho; Miseon Lee; Min Sun Song; William O’Grady (2000)

Foreign Language Teaching and Language Minority Education, ed. by Kathryn A. Davis (1999)

Designing Second Language Performance Assessments, by John M. Norris; James Dean Brown; Thom Hudson; Jim Yoshioka (1998)

New Trends and Issues in Teaching Japanese Language and Culture, ed. by Haruko M. Cook; Kyoko Hijirida; Mildred Tahara (1998)

The Development of a Lexical Tone Phonology in American Adult Learners of Standard Mandarin Chinese, by Sylvia Henel Sun (1998)

Six Measures of JSL Pragmatics, by Sayoko Okada Yamashita (1997)

The Role of Phonological Coding in Reading Kanji: A Research Report and Some Pedagogical Implications, by Sachiko Matsunaga (1995)

A Bibliography of Pedagogy and Research in Interpretation and Translation, by Etilvia Arjona-Tseng (1993)

Pragmatics of Japanese as Native and Target Language, ed. by Gabriele Kasper (1992)

Pragmatics & Language Learning

Pragmatics and Language Learning: Volume 11, ed. by Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig; J. César Félix-Brasdefer; Alwiya S. Omar (2006)

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