Fiction From Modern China

Howard Goldblatt, general editor

Panic and Deaf: Two Modern Satires, by Liang Xiaosheng, trans. by Hanming Chen and James O. Belcher (2000)

The Money Demon, by Chen Diexian, trans. by Patrick Hanan (1999)

Blades of Grass: The Stories of Lao She, trans. by William A. Lyell and Sarah Wei-ming Chen (1999)

Snake’s Pillow and Other Stories, by Zhu Lin, trans. by Richard King (1998)

Shanghai Express: A Thirties Novel, by Zhang Henshui, trans. by William A. Lyell (1997)

The Past and the Punishments: Eight Stories, by Yu Hua, trans. by Andrew F. Jones (1996)

Virgin Widows, by Gu Hua, trans. by Howard Goldblatt (1996)

Imperfect Paradise: Stories by Shen Congwen, ed. by Jeffrey Kinkley (1995)

Family Catastrophe: A Modernist Novel, by Wang Wen-hsing, trans. by Susan Wan Dolling (1995)

Chaos and All That: An Irreverent Novel, by Liu Sola, trans. by Richard King (1994)

The Remote Country of Women: A Novel, by Bai Hua, trans. by Qingyun Wu and Thomas O. Beebee (1994)

The Three-Inch Golden Lotus: A Novel on Foot Binding, by Feng Jicai, trans. by David Wakefield (1994)