Intersections: Asian and Pacific American Transcultural Studies

Intersections logoRussell C. Leong and David K. Yoo, series editors

Intersections links history and culture to the articulation of self and to the diversity of community in the twenty-first century.

Intersections crosses scholarly disciplines and generates inquiries that are transcultural and transnational, addressing the intersection of such issues as race and religion, generation and gender, politics and class, and community and culture across the Americas and the Pacific.

Intersections is a collaborative series of University of Hawai‘i Press in conjunction with the UCLA Asian American Studies Center.

The Blind Writer: Stories and a Novella, by Sameer Pandya (February 2015)

Romancing Human Rights: Gender Intimacy, and Power between Burma and the West, by Tamara C. Ho (January 2015)

Out of the Dust: New and Selected Poems, by Janice Mirikitani  (July 2014)

Transpacific Studies: Framing an Emerging Field, edited by Janet Hoskins and Viet Thanh Nguyen (October 2014)

Encountering Modernity: Christianity in East Asia and Asian America, edited by Albert L. Park and David K. Yoo (February 2014)

Scrutinized!: Surveillance in Asian North American Literature, by Monica Chiu (February 2014)

Ancestry of Experience: A Journey into Hawaiian Ways of Knowing, by Leilani Holmes (August 2012)

From Okinawa to the Americas: Hana Yamagawa and Her Reminiscences of a Century, edited by Akiko Yamagawa Hibbett (2010)

The Dance of Identities: Korean Adoptees and Their Journey toward Empowerment, by John D. Palmer (2010)

Rosebud and Other Stories, by Wakako Yamauchi (2010)

A Japanese Robinson Crusoe, by Jenichiro Oyabe (2009)

Hakka Soul: Memories, Migrations, Meals, by Chin Woon Ping (2008)

The New Sun, by Taro Yashima (2008)

What Is Asian American Biblical Hermeneutics?: Reading the New Testament, by Tat-siong Benny Liew (January 2008)

Entrys, by Peter Bacho (2005)

Sparrows, Bedbugs, and Body Shadows: A Memoir, by Sheldon Lou (2005)

This Isn’t a Picture I’m Holding: Kuan Yin, by Kathy J. Phillips, photographs by Joseph Singer (2004)

The 1.5 Generation: Becoming Korean American in Hawai`i, by Mary Yu Danico (2004)

Fighting Tradition: A Marine’s Journey to Justice, by Capt. Bruce I. Yamashita, USMCR (2003)

Tomorrow’s Memories: Diary of Angeles Monrayo, 1924-1928, ed. by Rizaline R. Raymundo (2003)

Blues and Greens: A Produce Worker’s Journal, by Alan Chong Lau (2000)

Music through the Dark: A Tale of Survival in Cambodia, by Bree Lafreniere (2000)

Words Matter: Conversations with Asian American Writers, ed. by King-Kok Cheung (2000)

New Spiritual Homes: Religion and Asian Americans, ed. by David K. Yoo (1999)

A Ricepaper Airplane: A Novel, by Gary Pak (1998)

Bulletproof Buddhists and Other Essays, by Frank Chin (1998)